The Walk Movie Review & Synopsis


From the makers of Forrest Gump, Cast away and Flight, comes another Thriller. A Biographical drama based on ‘To Reach the Clouds’ by Philippe Petit, is set to thrill everyone out. Directed by the Academy Award winning Director, Robert Zemeckis, ‘The Walk’ portrays the life of a French high-wire artist and his dream to reach the impossible. The film is starring Joseph-Gordon Levitt, an actor much praised for his dedication towards a role. ‘The Walk’ is distributed by TriStar Productions and thrills you for a hundred and twenty-three minutes. Look at The Walk Movie Review & Synopsis.


The movie begins with the introduction of Philippe Petit (Joseph-Gordon Levitt), a High-wire French artist, and his dream to walk across the Twin towers of The World Trade Centre. Philippe Petit seems to be an inspired and lively guy who has a different perception towards life. Philippe collects a team to help him accomplish his mission.

At first, people hesitated, but when they saw the artist’s passion, they agreed. The team starts working in and around the World Trade Centre to look for ways to enter and reach the terrace; for the act was illegal as risking your life in front of a mob is promoting danger, but Philippe is no ordinary person. His will and determination are too strong for rules and laws to stop him. They work for a few days and finally decide to execute the Impossible.

The end is quite obvious as the film is based on Philippe’s walk between the Twin towers, yet the end gives us more as the audience. The life of Philippe Petit is an inspiration for every one of us. In a world ruled by money, driven by Social status and greed, Philippe’s extraordinary passion to walk across the twin towers, without using a safety cable, serves as a great lesson for all of us. It leaves us with a question, “Is the life, we live, worth living?”


‘The Walk’ has received generally positive reviews for their efforts. Joseph-Gordon Levitt has been appreciated for his acting, as expected. The Visual effects during the ‘Walk’ scene have been admired by the audience. “The Walk attempts a tricky balancing act between thrilling visuals and fact based drama” reads the movie’s website. The movie took a massive sum of 35 million dollars to be produced and collected 4 million on their first day. A must watch for people looking for some inspiration.


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