The Crew 2017 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3GP

The Crew is 2017 newly released Hollywood 3D action adventure and thriller film in theaters on 20th January 2017 worldwide successfully. The movie has opened to 85% occupancy in theaters on its first day of release. The movie has opened to positive response to film from critics as well as live audience. The movie has been rated with 3 stars out of 5 stars from critics for overall projection of story line and effects provided to it which makes movie worth watch in theaters for viewers. The movie is expected to make business of around 1 to 2 cr on its first at Indian box office market by seeing its word of mouth. The movie has been released in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil language apart from its English version. Enjoy 2017 latest released Hindi Dubbed Hollywood action adventure thriller film The Crew in available high quality formats of HD, MP4, 3GP, 1080p and DVDRIP online through various networks.

The direction of the released Hollywood action adventure film The Crew is directed by Nikolai Lebedev who has been appreciated for his efforts and narration of he story. The movie is produced by Nikita Mikhalkov, Leonid Vereschchagin and Anton Zlatopolskiy. The movie has been already released in Russia with Flight Crew title. The story of the movie is penned by Tikhon Kornev, Nikolay Kulikov and Nikolay Lebedev.

The Crew 2017 Hindi Dubbed film Vladimir Mashkov, Agne Grudyte, Sergey Shakurov, Sergey Romanovich, Sergey Gazarov, Yang Ge and Danila Kozlovsky in lead characters of the movie. Where as Rayanna Dibs, Vera Ivanova, Sergey Kempo, Irina Pegova and many more are seen in pivotal characters of the film. The music of the movie is composed by Artem Vassiliev. The principal photography of the movie is handled by Irek Hartowicz.

The story of the movie revolves around a pilot who got fired from his job and made to work as co-pilot where some strange situation occurs where they have to take sudden decision which change everything forever. Rest of the story is main crux of the film.

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