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A Controversial case; a set of events that went on to shake the entire nation, is now finally available in the form of a Docudrama Thriller, Talvar. Starring, the brilliant, Irrfan Khan; Konkana Sen Sharma and Neeraj Nabi as the accused parents, aim to give a more vivid picture to the nation’s most controversial case.  Look at Talvar Synopsis & Review.

Talvar Synopsis & Review

Talvar Synopsis & Review
Talvar Synopsis & Review


Directed by Meghna Gulzar, co-produced and written by Vishal Bhardwaj himself, the movie runs for a decent 132 minutes. The movie is inspired by the ‘double murder’ case that happened in Noida, 2008. A 14 year old girl and her servant were found dead. The parents were convicted for the murder in the name of Honour killing. Even after the judgement, the case remains to be a mystery.


The film begins with the introduction of Ashwin Kumar (Irrfan) at a function of the CDI. Ashwin is handed over with the ‘double-murder’ case and leads the investigation with partner Vedant. The case unfolds. In between 15-16 March, 2008, a girl named Shruti Tandon is found dead in her house. The chaos stricken Sameer Vihar in Noida is soon filled up by policemen and journalists. Initially, the servant, Khempal is suspected but is found dead soon enough. The death of Khempal only leads to suggest that the parents might have seen the two in a compromising position, following their murders in rage. The tragic incident goes on to be deciphered.

But then enters Ashwin Kumar (Irrfan) with the thrill. Ashwin re-investigates with a belief that the parents were innocent. Ashwin takes his time and is successful in collecting enough evidences to rescue the alleged father. Ramesh Tandon is released from Jail. Just when it seemed that the case was near to getting closed, Kumar’s boss gets transferred. Vedant, Kumar’s partner, in the greed of a promotion or the limelight, starts working against Kumar.

Kumar is then suspended from the case; Vedant, with his new team, re-investigates the case and with passage of time finds the parents guilty. Although, the evidences he possessed were insufficient to initiate prosecution. After a rejected plea by the court, the Tandons were convicted of the murders on 26 November, 2013. The movie gives light to the fact that how the personal grudges and complexities in the lives of the investigators may lead to injustice. If, Vedant had put aside his greed, the judgement may have turned out to be different.


‘Talvar’ has been critically acclaimed for its script and screenplay. Vishal Bhardwaj’s screenplay has said to have been ‘Solidly constructed’. The filmmakers have been recognized and praised for their research. Although, Meghna Gulzar has said that the script is unbiased, others feel that the maker’s sympathies lie with the accused parents. The film made 0.50 crore from its paid previews, grossed 2.5 crores on the opening day. ‘Talvar’ collected 9.5 crore net on their first weekend. ‘Talvar’ is one of the few movies in Bollywood which are made with true passion and aim; a must watch.


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