Singh Is Bliing Synopsis & Review

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Singh Is Bliing’ seems an exciting prospect. Directed by Prabhu Deva , the movie stars Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta and Kay Kay Menon in an action packed comedy. Produced by Akshay Kumar himself along with Ashwin Yardi and Jayantilal Gada, ‘Singh Is Bliing’ features music by Sajid-Wajid. The movie runs for 139 minutes. Check out Singh Is Bliing Synopsis & Review.

Singh Is Bliing Synopsis & Review

Singh Is Bliing Synopsis & Review
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The plot is not very complex; predictable at times, yet interesting. The story revolves around the lives of Raftaar Singh (Akshay) and Sara (Amy Jackson). Raftaar is a fun loving, uneducated, notorious Sikh who is forced to settle in Goa by his Father; for Raftaar never worked for earnings. Sara is the daughter of a Mafia in Romania who escapes to Goa from the evil Mafia Mark (Kay Kay Menon), who wants to marry her. Sara loses her mother but is not sure of her death. Meanwhile, in Goa, Raftaar Singh gets into the job by lying about his command over the English Language.

He meets Sara at the airport but they don’t go along well. Initially, Sara takes Raftaar to be a creep, but with the passage of time she realizes how wrong she had been in judging him. Like in the old movies, Sara’s thoughts about Raftaar change when she sees him helping a girl, being eve teased. This leads to an action packed brawl where Sara saves Raftaar with her fighting skills. Sara feels proud of Raftaar for his Goodness and bravery and falls for him. Everything goes well and Raftaar becomes a successful businessman. But before the storm strikes, there is utter silence; Mark locates Sara and sends his men for her. Their confrontation with Sara leads to a fight in which the two narrowly escape. After the horrible incident, Raftaar convinces Sara to accompany him to his hometown, Punjab.

After seeing the love in Raftaar’s family, she feels Nostalgic and eventually gets sad. She misses her Mother and decides to return to Romania. Raftaar fails to make her stop and loses hope. The emotionally vulnerable Sara learns that her Father is still alive and meets him in Romania. Meanwhile, Raftaar, in the pursuit of love, locates Sara’s mother and they meet again in Romania where Sara confesses her love for Raftaar. The evil Mafia enters and forcefully tries to marry Raftaar’s beloved, to which Raftaar replies in his ‘PUNJABI’ style. The last thrill of the movie, Raftaar defies death after being shot. He finishes Mark after gaining his consciousness back and ends up hanging on a bridge. The movie ends with the two getting married.


An entertaining movie is all it is. All the Action, Romance and Comedy seemed to attract majority of the crowd but couldn’t do much to please the critics. It was Akshay’s highest opener beating his previous movie ‘Brothers’. It collected 20.67 crore net on its opening day and around 54.44 crore net in the first week. Shubha Shetty Saha from Mid day commented that “it is this randomness that also makes it a breezy, entertaining film for most part of it.”

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