Rama Rama Re 2016 Kannada Full Movie Download HD MP4 3GP

Rama Rama Re is 2016 released Kannada comedy drama movie in theaters on 21st October 2016 worldwide. The movie has opened to 80% occupancy in theaters on its first day over box office. The movie has been rated with 3 stars out 5 stars from critics as well as live audience has given positive response to the movie. The movie is said to worth watchable in theaters with the comic timings of the lead of the movie. The movie is expected to make business over 40 lakhs on its first day over box office. Enjoy 2016 latest released Kannada comedy full film in available high quality formats of HD, MP4, 3GP and 1080p through different ways and methods online.

The latest released 2016 Kannada movie “Rama Rama Re” in theaters is directorial venture of D Satyaprakash who is known director of short film Jayanagara. The direction of the movie is appreciated by critics for his way of putting things ahead on camera. The movie is produced by association of Kannada Kolor Cinemas production banner.

The story of the newly released Kannada movie is penned by D Satyaprakash who has also given direction to the film. The screenplay narration of the movie has been narrated by D Satyaprakash, Nagendra H S and Dhananjay Ranjan. The trailer of the movie which was released on 29th August has been watched over 1 lakh time over its YouTube Channel.

In latest released Kannada comedy film Rama Rama Re, K Jayaram, Nataraj, Dharmanna Kadur and Bimbashree Neenasam are seen in portraying leading characters in movie. While M K Mutt, Sridhar, Radha Ramachandra and Priya are essaying supporting cast roles in film.

The music of the movie is composition of Vasukhi Vaibhav. The official soundtrack of the film was released on 2nd September 2016 which were already hit in audience before release of film in theaters. Lavith has handled the cinematography of the movie while B S Kemaraju Shamanna has done editing of the movie.

The story of the movie revolves around different characters which shows blend of comedy in sarcastic way with defining the nature or chart of birth & death and many more.

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