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Check out for the critics ratings and reviews from celebrities as well as live audience for Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde starrer “Mohenjo Daro”. The movie has released in theaters with mixed reactions from critics and live audience. But movie is facing tough time from historian who has said that movie makers has lost their track while showing history of Mohenjo Daro. They are far behind from the history according to the historians.

Mohenjo Daro Still Feat Hrithik And Pooja

Ashutosh Gowariker’s directed epic adventure romantic film “Mohenjo Daro” is said to epic movie like his previous period movies. Critics has appreciated the performance of Hrithik Roshan along with Kabir Bedi and Pooja Hegde is remarkable. Critics has rated movie with 2.5 to 3 stars only for performance by actors where story of the movie breaks all in vain.

In east, movie has opened to superb start over theaters with sound occupancy. According to live audience, performance by Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro as Sarman is remarkable and one of the notable role essayed by him in his acting career. The movie starts with slow pace in its first half but reaching to its second its starts binding everyone with it.

Live Audience Reviews and Critics Ratings:

Saw #MohenjoDaro movie,its really great movie with splendid #history touch and rhyme. It was glorious forecast for past #obscured history!

— Sabir Ali Khan (@Victorious_SAK) August 11, 2016

Brilliant perfrm from hrithik and top notch Bgm by Rehman lifted the movie in 2nd half.Action scenes beautifully choregraphed.#MohenjoDaro

— MessiDona (@Leo_Farca) August 11, 2016

#MohenjoDaro: Was quite doubtful about the outcome, but good heavens this is a fairly engaging film. The climax especially, is a stunner.

— Sidhu (@sidhuwrites) August 11, 2016

Mohenjo Daro has received a steady stream of criticism for its blatant ignorance of historical facts and data. 

— News18 (@CNNnews18) August 11, 2016

There are star performers and then there’s @iHrithik He portrays the pathos of Sarman with such remarkable ease… #MohenjoDaro contd…

— Raedita Tandan (@raedita) August 11, 2016

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