Lavari 2016 Gujarati Full Movie Download HD MP4 3GP

Lavari is 2016 newly released Gujarati family drama movie in theaters on 4th November 2016 worldwide successfully. The movie has received positive reactions with positive mouth of words from critics as well audience who watched movie in theaters. The movie has received 3.5 star ratings out of 5 stars from critics where as audience has made movie a hit in theaters in first weekend over box office. The movie has collected around 1.8 crore over box office in its 5 day business over box office. The movie is said to family drama that entertain audience with its story line. The movie showcase difference between couples that is relationship, love, betrayal, fights and drama. Enjoy 2016 released Gujarati movie Lavari in available high quality formats of HD, MP4, 3GP, DVDRIP and 1080p through different ways and methods online.


The latest released Gujarati movie “Lavari” is directed by Rahu Thummar whose direction has received mixed reactions for projection of the story line. The movie is produced by Mayur Kachhadiya, Vijay Koladiya and Viraj Shah under Grinfilm Productions and Flying Bird Films banner. The movie is co-production of JB Patel, Nimesh Gadhavi, Dev Trivedi and Pallab Lahiry. The story of the movie is written by Sanjay Prajapti.

Lavari, 2016 released Gujarati movie has starred Aishwaria Dusane, Harshida Pankhaniya, Dhriti Patel, Rohan Patel, Mandeep Singh Basran and Sanjjeet Dhuri in leading roles. The music of the movie is composition of Maulik Mehta and Rushik Patel. The cinematography of the movie is handled by Annu Patel where as editing of the movie is done by Mehul Joshi.

The story of the latest released 2016 Gujarati movie “Lavari” revolves around three different couples lives how things changes between them. Out of the 3 couple the two married couples fight over love, relationships and some family drama. On other hand one of the 3 couple who fell in love with each other. The story of the movie is beautiful blend of laughing, love and drama which is main crux of the film.

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