Karsandas Pay & Use 2017 Gujarati Full Movie Download HD 3gp MP4 1080p

Karsandas Pay & Use is 2017 newly released Gujarati romantic comedy drama movie in theaters on 19th May 2017 worldwide successfully. The movie has opened to strong word of mouth from critics as well as live audience from first day of release. The movie started its first day in theaters with over 90% occupancy which has slightly moved back to 85% on 4th day. The movie has been rated with 4.3 stars out of 5 stars where as audience has rated movie with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The movie is said to be full of entertainment which binds audience in theaters. The movie has made around 3.5 crore business in its first weekend over domestic as well as overseas box office market. The concept behind making film is appreciated by everyone. Enjoy 2017 released Gujarati comedy romantic drama film Karsandas Pay & Use in available high quality formats of HD, MP4, 3GP, 1080p, 720p and DVDRIP through different networks and modes.

The direction of the latest released Gujarati movie Karsandas Pay & Use is directed by Krishnadev Yagnik. The movie is produced by Nilay CHotai and Vaishal Shah with production banner of Belvedere Films and Ananta Production. With the direction of the movie Krishnadev Yagnik has also penned the story line of the movie.

Karsandas Pay & Use 2017 film has featured Mayur Chauhan, Deeksha Joshi and Hemang Shah in lead characters. While Jay Bhatt and Chetan Daiya are seen in pivotal roles along with the lead role.

The music of the movie is composed by Kedar and Bhargav. The principal photography of the movie is handled by Bibhu Das where as editing is done by Nirav Panchal.

The movie has run time of 2 hours 16 minutes which is enjoyable in theaters.

The story of Gujarati film “Karsandas Pay & Use” revolves around Tilok and his brother Sundar who runs a toilet from where they earn money from people. The main crux of the movie is when Tilok fell love with Jaya and things changes.

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