Fuddu 2016 Hindi 1st Day Box Office Collection – Reviews

Check out for the first day box office collection of newly released Hindi comedy drama film “Fuddu” along with its live audience reviews and critics ratings. The movie opened to mixed reactions from critics where they has rated movie with 2.3 to 2.5 stars ratings from 5 stars for overall performance. The movie has collected around 21 lakh on its first day of opening at box office. On other side, audience has given movie 50% occupancy in theaters on release of movie on 14th October 2016.


The story written by Pawan Kumar Sharma has failed to impress critics as well in attracting audience in theaters too. The story of the movie revolves around a Banaras boy who comes to Mumbai, city of dreams with having some different dreams but all his dream goes down when he sees the reality of lives of people living in city.

Sunil Subramani’s direction has faced mixed reviews from critics that state it can be far more better on screen. Sumit Suryavanshi’s cinematography and Shrikant Kelkar’s editing is said to be normal to story line of the movie. The performance by the lead of Pradeep Gupta, Paritosh Sand, Shubham and Swati Kapoor got appraisal for portraying their characters.


Fuddu: Short & sweet engagement: Film: Fuddu Cast: Shubham, Swati Chopra Director: Sunil Subramani Anurag Bas…

— Amrita Gupta (@Amrita_Gupta555) October 14, 2016

Movie review: #Fuddu

Filmfare rating:1.5 stars

Quick take: The film leaves the audience with a major downer.

— SL Bollywood Fans (@BollywoodFansLK) October 14, 2016

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