Chhokari Vinanu Gaam 2016 Gujarati Full Movie Download HD MP4 3GP

Chhokari Vinanu Gaam is newly released Gujarati comedy family drama movie which is full of emotions was released in theaters on 19th August 2016. The newly released Gujarati movie has opened to its first day at box office with mixed reactions and reviewed from audiences as well as critics. Movie minted to collect only 62 lakh in it opening weekend over box office. Enjoy 2016 Gujarati movie Chhokari Vinanu Gaam in high quality formats of HD, MP4 and 3gp.

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The direction of the latest released movie is given by Rajesh Bhatt whose direction has failed to impress critics with its projection. Rajesh Bhatt is known director of 2012 released Gujarati movie “Tar Prem No Deewano”. The movie is produced by Purple Entertainment Ltd. production banner.

The story of the movie is written by Rajesh Bhatt himself who has given direction to the movie along with Kartikeya Bhatt. The story of the movie revolves around a remote village where existence of women is prohibited due to some curse given by a women. Villagers always preferred giving birth to male child over female child. If any female child gets villagers kills her under the influence the curse that it will bring problems to them.

But when Basant and Bahar the main lead of the movie comes to village, everyone shows their wish to marry Bahar. Everyone starts to impress Bahar so they can marry her. Rest of the story is main crux of the movie which will tell what happens next in village will curse will be over, will Bahar wmarry Raj or not?

Chhokari Vinanu Gaam, 2016 Gujarati movie has starred Raaj Kumar, Devami Pandya, Hitarth Dave, Sahil Shaikh, Divyesh Patel and Dharmik Barot in leading role. While Vijay Rajput, Purav Mehta, Harshdeep Jadeja, Shridhar Jambukiya and many more in supporting cast roles.

The cinematography of the movie is handled by Ravji Sondarva where as editing of the movie is done by Alok Kumar. The music of the movie is composed by Nisarg Trivedi.

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