Anna Kendrick HD Images Stills The Accountant Trailer Feat Ben Affleck

Check out for the official trailer and HD stills of upcoming American action thriller movie “The Accountant”. The HD trailer of the movie was presented by Movieclips Trailers label on 27th July 2016. The trailer of the movie is much liked by audience to which it has been viewed over 3 lakh times under 48 hours. Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick starer American thriller movie “The Accountant” will release in theaters on 14th October 2016. Ben Affleck has himself shared the 2nd official trailer of his upcoming movie.


— Ben Affleck (@BenAffleck) July 28, 2016

Anna Kendrick HD Wallpaper Movie

The upcoming American thriller movie “The Accountant” which stars Ben Affleck in orderly assassin has been directed by Gavin O’Connor whose last directed “Jane Got A Gun” was released on 29th January 2016. And movie is presented by RatPac Entertainment, Electric City Entertainment and Zero Gravity Management banner with duo of producer namely Mark Williams and Lynette Howell Taylor.

Anna Kendrick HD Still The Accountant Movie

The Accountant Movie Still

In this Movie Ben Affleck is a thematic expert along with extra closeness for figures than people.  He builds his living as a self employed accountant for threatening unlawful organizations. With a coffer assistant (J.K. Simmons) tropical on his obey. Ben Affleck booty on a state-of-the-art expert system company as a sensible patron.

Ben Affleck HD Still Movie

Gavin O’Connor’s new trailer “The Accountant” gives a superior attention at both the youthful and developed  interpretation of the appellation style, Christian Wolff. Not with standing  a  professional  attempt,  even  pleads  to  aid the boy confirm in the desire that he’ll be capable to vital a natural growth and his father recognize the world as a heartless neighborhoods and increment Christian appropriately, in the style which he manages well.

Gavin O’Connor’s task on Warrior, Affleck explain his acting goods, and the cast is astronomical. The Film structure  is all about a boy with natural honest talents but debilitate mental and psychological affairs.

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